Make your life easier and more fun, colour your mood, automate your lights, Control everything in your home.

Automate control of your home instantly at the touch of a button, voice command or schedule. 

Lighting control is used to make your home more comfortable, making life easier by automating and simplifying routine activities otherwise known as Home Automation; like switching on groups of lights, setting mood lighting, dimming or turning off all the lights in your home automatically.

Do you want a Smart House? If so Scroll down to read about Philips Hue, KNX and A-Touch, Scroll further to learn about our lighting design process, previous lighting control installs in Thailand and our Smart Home Lighting FAQ.

We work in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Bangkok

I have had the pleasure to have Ben and his H3 Digital company work on my home and those of several of my friends in Phuket. The help in choosing the right equipment was invaluable and the installation both on-time and without any issues.

More importantly the after sales service and support I received was second to none and not typical of what we expect in Thailand.

I highly recommend both Ben personally and his company H3 Digital.
— Mark Norris

Philips Hue

Your personal Wireless lighting system.

Philips Hue combines brilliant colourful LED light with intuitive technology to forever change the way you control and experience light.

Smart controls from any device, wherever you are.  Set timers, scenes and use Hue sensors to trigger lighting on presence.

The Philips Hue ecosystem includes LED Bulbs, Strips, Lamps, Switches and Sensors. You can even issue voice commands via Alexa (Amazon Echo) or Geofencing.

Philips Hue Lighting Ecosystem

Philips Hue Lighting Ecosystem

KNX Building Control

KNX is an international building control standard that enables the integration and programming of a range of products from many different manufacturers such as Jung, Gira and ABB.

It is an Open standard. In theory hardware from manufacturers is interchangeable.

However KNX is quite complex, it needs to be professionally programmed to make changes so end users won't be able to make changes themselves.

We are fully KNX certified.


A-Touch Lighting Control

A-Touch is an easy to install, easy to program system that can use standard lighting cables. This means it can, with a little effort be retrofit (although it's always best to design systems in from the start).

It's affordable, there are just two styles of lighting switch, glass and modern plastic in black and white. You can control everything with your phone or tablet with real time feedback.

It's so easy to program that once initial setup has been complete and with a little practice, end users can change all settings on the system without programming.  

A-Touch can be used for single rooms, common areas or entire houses.


A-Touch Lighting Control is simple to install and program, easy to use and affordable.

A-Touch Lighting Control is simple to install and program, easy to use and affordable.

Lighting Design Process

Designing a lighting system for a home starts out with the customer, we listen and understand the moods you want to incorporate and your comfort level for home automation.

At each step we bring our usual expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail - However it is mainly during the Design stage that this hard work points towards a successful project. 

While each home is different and each owner has different needs; our lighting design process follows;

  • Initial Consultation
    We meet with you or your representatives and understand how smart you would like your homes lighting to be and what sort of moods you wish to include.
  • Proposal
    Our initial proposal gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of cost and timescales.
  • Conceptual Plan
    A conceptual audio plan is drawn up, this non-technical drawing is used for further discussion and ideas.
  • AutoCad Plan
    This is the final technical plan of your cinema.

Example - Common Area Lighting control - Lower Level

Example - Common Area Lighting control - Upper Level

I engaged the services of H3 Digital to help design and install a home cinema with surround sound, dimming and lighting control and a Sonos music system for the whole home.

Rob is the systems designer at H3 Digital and worked with us to come up with useful designs that suited us, we really felt that he listened to what we had to say and how we wanted our house. We really enjoy our home, we can listen to music all over the house and watch the latest movies in HD. We can highly recommend talking to Rob and the team at H3 Digital if you are looking for a Smart Home in Phuket.
— Mike RIch

Everything is connected nowadays, The IOT (Internet Of Things) makes it easy to control your home.

Before meeting with us it is worthwhile having a think about which of the following technologies you would like in your Smart Home;

  • Which areas
    Which rooms or areas would you like lighting control or automation, either the whole house, common areas or limited to single rooms.
  • Automation
    Would you like the lights to come on when you speak, arrive home or at certain times of the day.
  • How do you want to Control it
    Will you stick with conventional switches but Smart Bulbs or a Lighting Control system with its own special switches.
  • Any particular Control Systems or Smart Hubs
    Control systems help to bring interconnected devices together and often give you a single app to act as a gateway to your home.

Internet of Things Devices

Internet Of Things Links

Learn more about what it is, what it signifies and how it will effect you and your home.

Thailand Lighting Installs

We design and install Lighting Control Systems and Home Automation throughout Thailand including; Phuket, Hua Hin, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Below are some of the previous home automation and lighting projects we've installed in Thailand.

Smart Home Lighting FAQ (11 Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a lighting control system?
A system that gives advanced controls of your lights. For example dimming, mood lighting, colour changes and grouping of rooms and areas together. This can be through either smart bulbs (as in Philips Hue) or built into switches (A-Touch) or actuators in racks (KNX). controls can also be automated (Home Automation) so that for example; lights can be automatically turned on or off in the evening.

How do I control it?
Either with your phone, keypads or voice for Smart Bulbs. With KNX lighting systems and A-Touch you will need special light switches that take place of conventional ones but can also use your phone or tablet.  Home Automation means that you can set up your home to automatically control itself based on triggers (timing, sensors etc...).

Can I really control my lights with my voice?
Yes with either Amazons Alexa, Googles Home or Apples Homepod/Homekit (Siri) equipment you can easily control your Philips Hue lighting system with a voice command.  "Alexa turn on all my lights", "Google turn my living room lights down", "Siri dim the outdoor lights".  You can also call up scenes, easily set up IFTT (If This Then That) style smart home scenes and automated actions.

Can I retro fit lighting control into my already built house?
Smart Bulbs like Philips Hue - Yes easily, A-Touch Lighting System - Maybe but harder, KNX Control System - No, definitely.

Is it easy to use?
Yes, we can program the systems to be as simple or sophisticated as possible, The Philips Hue and other Smart Bulbs and the A-Touch are the simplest to use. If you want something very sophisticated or very large such as a hotel smart lighting system or large building control then KNX would be recommended.

Does it work properly here in Thailand?
Absolutely, although extra care has to be taken when planning wired lighting systems here in Thailand to make sure that all the cabling is done properly.  The Amazon, Google and Apple smart home lighting apps and equipment may need special installation as the latest kit isn't always available here in Thailand, so we may have to sideload the apps.

Can I turn my homes lights on and off when I'm not there?
Yes, that's a built in feature of modern smartbulbs, via say the Philips Hue app you can trigger any lighting scene, individual or group of lights to turn on/off or change colour, dim etc.... For A-Touch and KNX you will need an IP module.  If you have Amazons Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homekit or other smart home hubs (Smartthings, Wink) then it's easy to set up complex (or simple) automationand mood lighting.

What is home automation?
Home automation or 'Domotics' is whereby other appliances are integrated into the Smart Home. For example fans, air-conditioners, sprinklers and blinds can all be controlled from the lighting keypads or phone app.

What is a presence detector?
Presence detectors turn on lights and fans as you enter the room and turn them off when you leave, timed events can turn on/off your lights and raise/lower motorised blinds at a specific time.

Can I control it with voice?
Sure - especially so for the smart bulbs and any IOT connected devices, you can use Siri, Alexa or Google Home to issue commands to your home. For example "Siri, please turn on all my lights" would turn on all your lights.

How much is it going to cost?
Smart Bulbs are available individually so you can start small or just get coverage exactly where you want, A-Touch and KNX are wired in so you will need to build them in from the start ideally, either for the whole house or common living areas. We've built systems ranging from 40,000 Baht for a room up to lighting control for the whole home which generally falls into the 300-850,000 baht range.