Nuvo In-Ceiling Speakers 8" AP2 (PAIR)


Nuvo In-Ceiling Speakers 8" AP2 (PAIR)


120 Watts RMS

Sensitivity 92 db

25mm Titanium Dome Pivoting 30 Degree Tweeter

203mm Kevlar Cone Woofer

8 Ohms

272mm Diametre x 86mm Depth

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The small-perforation grilles of these 8 Inch pair of NuVo Technologies NV-AP28C Ceiling Speakers can be removed and painted to match your decor, and since they mount flush into your ceiling, you’ll never know they’re there. . . until you turn on your whole-house audio system.

The Accentplus2 NuVo Ceiling Speakers are built with superior Titanium Tweeters and Kevlar Woofers and features double the Wattage of the AP1 speakers, They have large magnets for increased bass response, polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds for crisp, lifelike sound, and a full 12dB crossover to ensure premium tweeter and woofer performance. Plus, pivoting Titanium dome tweeters allow you to direct the high-range sound toward the listening area, not above your head or at your feet. These 8 -inch NuVo Ceiling Speakers have a 10.75″ diameter and feature a power rating of 120 watts and an 8-Ohm impedance.