H3 Digital are busy at the moment. One of our larger current projects involves a full Smart Home package in Phuket, Thailand - which includes lighting control, home automation, multi room audio (via sonos), ubiquiti networking including unifi IP cameras and home wifi, home theatre, smart entry and 12v outdoor landscape lighting.

M&E Conceptual Lighting and Dimming Plan.jpg

At the initiation of the project we prepare full sets of conceptual and technical drawings so that all key stakeholders on the project, builders, architects, electricians etc… can get a complete understanding of what is to be installed.

Smart Home systems must be planned properly, this is where our 15 years of experience (H3 has been going since 2004) becomes crucial. All of our key staff including our Systems Designers and Installation Manager have been with us since the start.

Smart Home Wiring Installation

So what sort of wiring and cable is required for a Smart Home?

Lots of it! Although wireless technology is much more advanced than before, nothing beats the resilience of physical data cable.

So we have lots of Ethernet cable for which we generally use Cat6 or Cat5e. Then there is bus cable, this is generally the cable used between lighting keypads, which is either daisy chained or home run back to the lighting and dimming actuators and panels.

For Video we use HDMI, generally we don’t like to go over 15-20m max with HDMI so we wire back to local sources.

Speaker wire is a mix of 16/2, 14/2 and 12/2 gauge 99.99% pure copper oxygen free speaker cable - Specifically it’s double insulated which helps to maintain the very highest levels of audio quality and performance.

H3 Digital Moon Buggy

Different speaker cable is used for different situations. The thicker cable maintains Bass signal over longer distances and is also used when higher performance levels (and power output in Watts RMS) is required. Because it’s double shielded it’s less prone to interference and much more resilient than standard speaker wire.

The Swimming Pool will feature colour changing lights programmed via DMX so we will be able to do all sorts of amazing things to set moods across the whole property in conjunction with the lighting control and 12v outdoor landscape lighting. We use 12v LED Bulbs, Transformers, fittings, special cable and waterproof junction boxes so that the night time scenes are beautiful AND completely safe.

Smart Home Lighting Cabling

This Smart Home is going to be a lot of fun for the owner - who’s already getting excited at all the amazing things he’s going to be able to enjoy in his home.

We have a long list of happy customers that think we do a great job. A big part of that is our continuing commitment to excellence. All of our staff are thoroughly trained in the most up to date technologies at the highest level. We are THX and CEDIA certified and our installs regularly outperform those of our competitors at similar price levels because of our expert knowledge.