This week we have been working on installing the Control4 DIN Panels, Control4 Keypads and the Ubiquiti Wifi and IP Cameras at our clients Phuket Home.


For this Control4 install we have used panelised lighting control, with all of the lighting cable ran back to the M&E room in a configuration sometimes referred to as Homerun or Star configuration. This method of structured cabling sees all of the individual wires for Networking, Internet, CCTV Cameras, Lighting Control, Automation etc… ran back to a central point within the house. This type of Smart Home wiring is generally the best when you are building a large home from new, with a retrofit or late stage construction then we’d look at a slightly different method of wiring.

In the above images you can see how the centralised lighting system is wired, connections are made from all over the house back to the Control4 Modules, which are in turn wired through to the IP network. With a Control4 Smart Home installation it is very important that a strong, well planned network is in place (or going to be put in place at the same time) so that all the home technology infrastructure can talk to each other. All of the loads are wired directly back to the Control 4 dimmer, relay and system control modules. These do the heavy work of switching lights and fans on and off and dimming lighting circuits.

Control of these loads is done through the Control4 Keypads located in the rooms and outdoors around the house, these are cabled with low voltage cable back to the Control4 system in the M&E room. This is referred to as Panelised lighting in the Control4 ecosystem.

Another method with Control4 Smart Homes is to wire keypads in line to the dimmers and have the control system communicate via Zigbee signals, Zigbee is a low power wireless signal that allows communication between nodes in a Mesh Network. Philips Hue bulbs are also Zigbee and most Smart Home technology comes with a Zigbee option. Another popular wireless communication protocol with a low energy overhead is Z-Wave. Control4 can also use Z-Wave for Communication.

Control4 Keypad (no buttons yet)
Control4 Button Configurations

With a Control4 system the smart keypad is installed first and then you can configure a wide range of keypad configurations and when you’re happy with the setup of each area these can be engraved for simplicity of use.

As part of this Smart Home our client has opted for Ubiquiti Networking with Access Points, Network Switches and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure. There will be a full IP Camera system also from Ubiquiti that will help secure the home.

Other features of note are the Samsung Smart Locks which will likely be integrated with Z-Wave and the Landscape Lighting which will feature 12v lights and fittings for their beautiful light, safety and peace of mind.