How we listen to music has changed, how we store our music has as well.

With our audio systems you can listen to anything you want, whenever you want, in any room or area of your home.  

If your Thailand home hasn't got audio built-in, you're missing out. If you want it, get in touch.



All the music on earth. And then some.

Sonos was created by music lovers... for music lovers. Sonos will play absolutely all the music you love… no matter where it comes from.  The Internet for streaming, radio, and podcasts and your personal collection of music, MP3 or Apple music stored on your computer.

Nuvo  audio


The simplest way to listen to all of your music all over your home.

Nuvo whole home audio systems guarantee an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions designed to match incredible fidelity with the latest in streaming sources and intuitive controls.

Roth Audio

The speakers What HiFi called "The Real Deal" awarding them 5 Stars.

Roth audio speakers offer an impressive sense of weight to music and movies. The powerful bassline acts as a solid foundation. Drum kicks and guitar riffs are tight and attacking, with plenty of expression and emotion. 

Ben Hobbs did a marvelous job in our house. He was and is very helpful and I can recommend him for Sound Systems.
— Holger Schwab
Clean, polite, professional installation. Everything works perfectly. Many thanks for your help!
— Scott Gorsuch