H3 DIGITAL was established in 2004 as Thailand's first smart home company.

We are a family company and offer a one-stop Smart Home service in Thailand and SE Asia. We Design and engineer home cinema, multi room audio and lighting control systems.

Our emphasis is on powerful, easy to use home technology that help bring your home to life; Great sounding unobtrusive music systems that are easy to turn on and off, change songs and volumes in every room (and outdoors, even underwater) of your home. Big screen home cinemas to watch with your friends and family in the comfort of your own home and easy to use lighting systems that are affordable and simple.

We engineer Smart Home technology that is easy to use and simple to enjoy.

We design, install and support; 

Working with h3-digital was a pleasure. I explained our needs and Rob and the team delivered the perfect product within budget and on time. Look forward to working with them again!
— Cathal Kiely
  • Fantastic sounding audio systems.
  • Big screen cinemas.
  • Smart lighting that help set the mood just when you need it. 
  • Automation of the mundane (Home Automation).

Some of our largest projects include;

  • £12m villa in South Phuket, owned by the CEO of the worlds largest architecture firm.
  • £16m villa in Phang Nga, Thailand's most expensive resale.

Some of our most enjoyable projects involve;

  • Rooftop and outdoor cinemas.
  • Underwater speakers (complete with whale/dolphin noises).

All of our systems are professionally designed and engineered - and then expertly supported by us.

The H3 DiGItal Team

Ben Hobbs is the Managing Director of H3 Digital.

THX and CEDIA certified, Ben has designed and engineered Smart Homes, Music systems and Home Cinema for some of the most luxurious homes in ASIA. 

Ben works hard to make your systems and rooms perform at their absolute best, using his in-depth technical knowledge to bring your home to life.

Ben Hobbs
Managing Director
086 266 2786


Meow Hobbs
Office Manager
093 327 3688

Rob Hobbs is our Design Director.

KNX and Nuvo certified, Rob's effective designs and easy to understand conceptual plans and AutoCAD diagrams lay a clear foundation for successful projects.

Rob has 25 years computer design experience and 15 years designing specifically lighting control, home automation and multi room audio systems.

Rob Hobbs
Design Director
089 970 4002

Wirut Phadungphon is our Installation Director.

Wirut is KNX and Nuvo certified and is a professionally trained and qualified electrician. Wirut has been with us since the very start and recently been made a Director of the company.

Meticulous in his work Wirut is in charge of making sure that all of our great designs are installed to our usual high standards.

Wirut Phadungphon
Install Director
081 538 8471

H3 Digital Timeline


H3 Digital is started as a family business in Karon, Phuket. Our original remit is Digital Homes which includes multi room sound systems, conventional audio (stereo) systems, home cinema and lighting control, also initially offering Digital Design for websites and brochures. We become the Thailand and SE Asia (Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam) Distributor for Nuvo Technologies multi room music systems and speakers.  In February Janet Jackson's breast is briefly exposed by Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show

Our 2005 Home Page

Home Cinema page from 2005

Staff page from H3 2005 Website

Home Automation from back in 2005


Our Laguna office opens in the Plaza Del Mar development and we become the first Asian Distributor for the Sonos wireless sound system, in the early days Sonos had a handheld controller with a wheel button and only sold the amplified ZP100 (then ZP120) Sonos Connect:Amp and the unamplified ZP80 (then ZP90) Sonos:Connect, ZP stands for Zoneplayer. On June 29th Steve Jobs and Apple releases the much anticipated iPhone, they sell nearly 2 million units in the first 6 months.

Our 2007 Home Page

H3 Digital company profile from 2007

Home Cinema web page from 2007

Audio Systems web page from 2007


An office move sees us transition from our Karon and Plaza Del Mar locations into a single custom built showroom in the Cherngtalay area. Key members of the H3 Digital team become KNX certified, passing examination in Singapore.  Nuvo launch their Essentia audio system which is the worlds first Energy Star whole house audio system, consuming less than 1 Watt in standby mode. Music fans worldwide are saddened as Michael Jackson, the King of Pop dies on the 25th June.

Our 2009 Home Page

Eco friendly technology from 2009

Smart Homes FAQ in 2009

Smart Homes Page from 2009


Managing Director Ben Hobbs passes the CEDIA EST II and THX training courses in Australia. CEDIA is the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association and is seen as the Gold standard for custom audio visual installation.  Ben also passes the worlds first Home Cinema Master Class, attending in 2011 in Beijing, his Cinema Design passes the last stage of examination with Rich Green (Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison Home Cinema Designer) and Anthony Grimani (Inventor of Dolby/THX Surround).  Facebook goes Public.

2012 H3 Digital Home page


2012 Sonos Music System page


2012 Home Cinema web page

2012 Lighting control web page


Big changes see a new logo which is spray painted onto our cars by Bangkok Graffiti Artist MisterBows, 2016 also marks the start of building our new office which is on 0.75 Rai near the Alan Cooke cricket ground. It's container architecture, we love the idea of recycling/upcycling, the land was previously a rubbish dump and a Burmese work camp before we rejuvenated it. Musical Artists Prince & David Bowie die, the UK chooses to exit the EU (Brexit) and Donald Trump wins the US Presidency.

2016 H3 Digital Home page

2016 H3 Digital Home page

2016 Home Cinemas in Thailand page

2016 Home Cinemas in Thailand page

2016 Case Study web page

2016 Case Study web page

2016 About H3 Digital page

2016 About H3 Digital page