Immerse yourself with Fantastic, jaw dropping visuals,razor-sharp lifelike images and spine tingling audio in your own Home Theatre.

Home cinema should be all about fun, the enjoyment of watching your favourite movies & tv on the big screen with your family and friends. We have installed home theatres in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Bangkok.

Scroll down to read about the design process, Scroll further to learn about our previous installs in Thailand and some of our unique cinema products, like acoustic foam and popcorn machines, and a Home Cinema FAQ.

We had Ben and his team at H3 Digital perform works at our villa including a split audio system between the pool and bar areas and the installation of the home cinema including projector, retractable screen and speaker set-up.

I would highly recommend Ben and H3 for any works as they were prompt, reliable and reasonably priced
— Ben Davis

Home Cinema Design Process

Designing a Home Theatre System starts out with the customer, we listen and understand what your wish is, your Home cinema is brought to life by us. 

At each stage we bring expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail - it is the Design stage however that points towards a successful project.  While each theater project is an individual experience; our design process resembles;

  • Initial Consultation
    We meet with you or your representatives and listen to what you want from a home cinema or media room.
  • Proposal
    Our initial proposal gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of cost and timescales.
  • Conceptual Plan
    A conceptual plan is drawn up, this non-technical drawing is used for further discussion and ideas.
  • AutoCad Plan
    This is the final technical plan of your cinema.

Front view of eventual Home Cinema

Rear view of eventual Home Cinema

Overhead Cinema Design in AutoCAD

Front and Rear Cinema Design in AutoCAD

Whether you are looking for a living room, media room or dedicated cinema, good design at the start will be key to having the best possible experience.

Before meeting with us it is worthwhile having a think about the following;

Klipsch THX 5.1 Speaker System

Klipsch THX 5.1 Speaker System

  • Screen Size
    What screen size you would like, think BIG as HD content means brilliant sharp images at any size.
  • Projector or TV based
    Do you want a home theatre projection screen or big TV to watch.
  • Dedicated Cinema or Living Room
    If you have a spare room or space under the swimming pool, a dedicated room is nice, you can use a projector and fit in some cool home theatre seats - but a Living Room setup is also a lot of fun.
  • Surround Sound
    Home Cinema typically starts at 5.1 surround sound, that's 5 speakers (Left, Centre, Right, Rear L, Rear R) and a Subwoofer. For larger rooms a 7.1 or 9.1 setup or even Dolby Atmos setup might suit, Dolby Atmos adds additional ceiling speakers.

Thailand Home Cinema Installs

We design and install throughout Thailand including; Phuket, Hua Hin, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Below are some previous home cinemas that we've installed we've named them for easy reference.

Prometheus Cinema

This Home Cinema was completed for a customer on the West coast of Phuket.  A retrofit install, there was an unused area underneath the swimming pool after he'd completed construction of the villa, we were asked to turn it into a home cinema. This home was featured in KNX today as a Smart Home case study.


This cinema features; 
92" HD Grey Screen, leather cinema recliners, 5.1 surround sound, media centre, 1080p video projector and one-touch remote.

Shark Week Cinema

This Cinema was built for someone in the film and TV industry in their Phuket villa, they wanted an area they could escape to and watch movies. This home cinema is just off the Master Bedroom and required acoustic material to isolate the sound inside the room.


This cinema features; 
100" Cinema screen, 5.1 surround sound (rears are in-ceiling), 1080p video projector, Xbox and one-touch remote.

Star Wars Cinema

This cinema was designed specifically to offer the very best in image quality, muted blacks and dark colours throughout help to control light levels and really make the image on screen POP.  The villa is rented out on a regular basis and the home cinema room is a real hit with the guests.


This cinema features; 
100" High Definition Screen, leather cinema recliners, 7.1 surround sound, 1080p projector, Media centre and one-touch remote.

Avatar Cinema


This cinema is a relaxing fun room, wood paneling and silk padding on the walls help the acoustics and the wide sofas and cushions make it easy to sit back and enjoy the movie.

A one-touch remote control from harmony makes it simple to control, press one button to turn it all on and one button to turn it all off.

This cinema features;
92" Screen, 5.1 surround sound, 1080p projector, media centre and on-touch remote.

Iron Man Cinema

This beautiful cinema was completed for a repeat customer of ours, he wanted an entertainment areas that really stood out for his guests, friends and family to enjoy. Nine motorised recliners, plush carpeted floors and mood lighting make it feel like a very special experience.


This cinema features; 
120" HD Grey Screen, motorised leather recliners, starfield ceiling, Marantz 5.1 THX surround sound with two 12" subwoofers, 1080p projector, media centre, Playstation, Xbox and one-touch remote.

Marvel Cinema

This colourful cinema was completed for a customer in Hua Hin.  The front speakers are mounted into the front cabinetry to give the whole front stage a nice clutter free feel. The owner completed the decor with custom curtains and wall stencils.


This cinema features; 
100" High Def Grey Screen, Onkyo 5.1 surround sound with one 12" subwoofer, 1080p projector, media centre, Blu Ray player and one-touch harmony remote.

Other Cinema Installs in Thailand

We've been around since 2004 and have completed many home theatre installs, below are some photos of other home cinema installs we've completed in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Bangkok.


Home Cinema Products

As well as custom designed home cinemas, media rooms and entertainment centres we also supply a range of cinema equipment to trade and retail.

Home Theatre Seating

These recliners are hand made in Thailand using the finest Italian Leather, they come in either motorised or manual recline and are available in just about any colour.

A modular system they can be configured as single seat, love seat, bench seat  however you need them, choose simple arms or add cup holders.

Popcorn Machines

if you want the genuine, full on, 100% authentic movie theatre experience (or you just really like popcorn) then you need one of our cool popcorn machines. They don't just make your cinema look great but they make brilliant popcorn as well.

We also rent the popcorn machines out on a daily basis and sell ready-to-pop popcorn, so if it's just a special occasion or a one off get in contact with us to reserve your machine and choose your flavours.


Acoustic Foam

Treating your room acoustically with foam will not soundproof your room, to do that you would need to ISOLATE the room. Foam treatment helps to address reverberation, echo and slap by absorbing and reflecting sound waves.

Making voices more intelligible and improving sound and music.

Home Cinema FAQ (10 Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Home Cinema?
Home cinema implies a real “cinema experience” at home, some call it home theatre (or home theater). A dedicated cinema room is expected to add value to your home and become a focus for entertaining and family nights in.

Whats in a Home Cinema?
A large screen - from 72 inches to 150 inches (measured diagonally) either projection or an LED TV. The sound system will feature either 5, 7 or 9 surround speakers (Dolby Atmos adds ceiling speakers) and a subwoofer or two for Bass.

What can I watch?
High definition sources include Blu Ray Discs, Playstation 4, Xbox, Netflix and Media centres, which store hundreds of movies that you browse via a gallery.

What's the picture quality like?
Excellent, High Definition (1080p) and 4k sources are available that are crystal clear at huge screen sizes.  Projectors offer a better film experience but Tv's are more practical. Projection based cinema will need light control (being able to turn lights off and close curtains).

What is 4k?
refers to a horizontal resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels for TV/Movies this will be 3840 × 2160 pixels. Content is coming via Netflix and Bluray currently.

What about acoustics?
Every room is unique and everything in the space will change the way it sounds. We work with you to make sure your room sounds great, we can recommend treatments and acoustically engineer the space for you.

How do I control it all?
Easily, our touch screen all-in-one remotes turn on all of the equipment with a single button press, turn everything off at the end with another button press.

Can I hide all the speakers?
Yes we can build speakers into walls, cabinets, ceilings and columns so you don't see them.

Wherabouts in Thailand do you install?
We install Home Theatres in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Bangkok and Hua Hin.

How much is it going to cost?
It's more affordable than many think, our budget packages start at around 199,000 Baht but typically our custom installs fall into the 300-850,000 baht range.