The Neighbour


Featured Technology

Lighting Control
Gira KNX Lighting

Home Cinema
5.1 Sound System
92" 1080p Projector
Leather Recliners

Multi Room Audio
Sonos 5 zone audio system
4 pairs of in-ceiling speakers
2 pairs of outdoor speakers

Project Brief

Our clients brief was to keep things simple, easy to use and maintain. He wanted a lighting system that didn’t tie him in to a single company or product line with lighting keypad in each area and the flexibility for these to control all of the lights directly.

Keypads in common areas and the entrance would also need to choose mood lighting scenes.

The music system is a Sonos multi zone audio system with Living/Dining, Outdoor, Bedroom and Gym zones.


A home cinema was added on at a very advanced stage of construction.

There was unused space below the pool and we proposed turning the area into a home cinema.

The owner was very pleased with the outcome and in particular enjoys the leather recliners which help gave a real cinema feel to the area.


The owner is delighted with the smart home systems and feels that he made the right decision including lighting control and multi room music in his home.

In terms of the home cinema, this has actually turned out to be a highlight of his trips to Phuket. He now has the luxury of being away from his busy work schedule and can sit back, relax and enjoy himself.

Quite a surprise bonus, from just being an unused space underneath the swimming pool, to becoming one of the homes special features.