The foundation of any great smart home, audio or cinema system is expert design.  

We sit down with you & your construction team in Thailand to understand your specific smart home requirements & preferences.  

Our certified engineers then design and plan your installation in detail, with quality documentation, drawings and project management to ensure that your installation delivers the expected result on time & in budget.

H3 Digital are members of CEDIA - The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, an organisation of experienced companies around the world involved in the design and installation of electronic systems for the home.

In addition to our CEDIA certification we hold THX certification in Home Theatre and are KNX lighting control / home automation certified.

All of our staff have more than a decade of experience in designing and integrating home technology systems.

Systems Design Process

Whether you are looking for Cinema, Audio or Lighting our design process is identical.

First we sit down with you or your representatives listen to and understand your wishes.

Then we translate that into requirements for example with multi room audio for SONOS or Nuvo and for Lighting Control that would be Philips Hue, KNX or A-Touch.

A proposal or proposals will be produced by us and sent over for your review.  This is your chance to add rooms to the system, add automation or ask about extra speakers in the gym for example. 

Once you are happy with the proposal we will issue an invoice for the deposit.  Upon payment of the deposit we will produce conceptual plans.

Conceptual Plans

Conceptual plans put together all of the systems and components overlaid onto plans of your home in an easy to read format.  This is for review by key stakeholders such as builders, electricians, architects, project manager as well as the owners. 


Autocad Plans

Once the conceptual plans have been agreed on and as build work commences we can issue formal CAD Plans, these are generally used by architects to tell builders precise details, they are technical and hard to read but contain useful information for construction.


At all stages of construction you will be able to call upon our expertise, often we can help design home networks and wifi systems for our clients and offer friendly advice on electrics, light switches, plugs, Universal Power Supplies and Surge protectors when asked.

Design FAQ (10 Frequently Asked Questions)

What does custom design mean?
Custom design means a design that us customised to you, the customer. Not a cookie cutter solution but an audio system, home cinema or lighting system that suits you and your home..

Do I need to choose furniture and seating early on?
Not necessarily but for home cinema and audio it really helps to understand where the seating and/or main listening areas are so that the correct size speakers or screen are installed ad the viewing distance is optimal.

Do I need to provide drawings?
Yes for the conceptual plans we will likely ask you or your developer or architect for basic plans.

Is it harder to build smart homes in Thailand.
Thailand does have it's own unique set of circumstances but as long as the design and implementation are good then you can enjoy a fantastic system here that is the equal to anything available in the US or Europe.

Will you co-ordinate directly with my builder/architect?
Yes, once you've chosen what you would like and paid the deposit we will work directly with your architect, builder, project manager and key stakeholders.  You can be as involved as you would like or just sit back rest assured our great design means a great time in your home.

Can I change things later on?
Yes, you can make minor changes at any point.

Can you help with networking/IT design?
We all have strong IT backgrounds so networking, wifi and setting up servers is a service we often provide for our clients.

Will it be complicated?
During the initial phase we will make sure we address how complex or simple the systems we design will be for you. If you aren't technology minded make sure to tell us and we cab make it super simple to operate.

Can I change things around once it's installed?
We try to make sure our designs are flexible, if you are in two minds about certain aspects then let us know as soon as you can and we can design for multiple possibilities.

What about quality of cabling?
All of our cable is brought in from the USA and is special structured cabling, we have examples of all our cables for you to see.