Can I help?

If you have an older computer gathering dust in a cupboard or have upgraded to a new computer and don't know what to do with the old one. Contact us and bring in or get us to pick up your old computer, we will recycle it, add a brand new keyboard, mouse and OS and give it to a charitable cause.

If you have parts of a reasonable computer or peripherals that are still in good condition, a printer or monitor etc... these could all be useful.

What sort of computer?

Anything built since say 2010, we will wipe the hard drive, add or swap components in and add a new keyboard, mouse and OS.  We want them to be able to run all modern software and will be loading Windows 7 or Windows 10 onto the PC's, so they must be fairly modern.

I think it's broken!

Bring it in anyway, we may be able to use some of the components and stop them ending up in the landfill.

Who does it go to?

All computers will end up with the young and disadvantaged, those that likely don't have any other access to computers.


email Ben Hobbs with your details for us to arrange pickup or drop your PC off to our office.


Just bring us your old PC, we will format it, clean it, upgrade it and install a brand new keyboard, mouse and Windows, ready for it’s second life.
— Ben Hobbs


BanYa Literacy Centre

Our current project is to help the Good Shepherds BanYa literacy centre who are looking for 10-11 computers for their computer classes. The computer classes will hold twenty children, so two students to a computer and then one for the instructor.

History:  The original Bang Jo school was set up in 2010 by the Rghmonya Labour Union – Operation Learning Center Projects based in Ranong.

Parents living in the construction worker camps in Bang Jo, Thalang area requested that a Burmese Learning Center be built so their children could receive equivalent education to that of which they would receive in their home country.

The children are taught English, Math, Social Studies, Dance, History, Science and Burmese Reading and Writing. The school began with thirty students and two teachers.

Our eventual goal is to supply and support the school with a small computer room and try and introduce them to computers in a fun way.


Because the room acts as the school library as well we saw that the initial goal of nearly a dozen computers would be overwhelming for the room.  It was decided as such that we would use 5-6 computers with a teaching computer with large screen monitor at the front.

We are also supplying the school with USB microscopes so they can be used for science experiments within the classroom. Also we are trying to make the room look the part so some education computer posters were printed and framed.

The next stage is for us to hold some computer classes for the students and teachers to make sure they know how to use the computers and how to get the most out of them.

PC Room.jpg