We Bring Homes to Life!

Thailand's Top Smart Home Company


We Bring Homes to Life!

Thailand's Top Smart Home Company

Experience something special, our simple to use Smart Home Systems make life more convenient and fun. Your home will be safer, more comfortable and enjoyable.

New build or retrofit we can help you master your home so you can ;

  • Control all your lights, air-con, music and TV from a single app.

  • Sit back and enjoy the latest 4k movies in your very own cinema.

  • Play your music all over your home, in any room or outside by the pool.

  • Enjoy a super-fast rock solid WIFI Network.

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H3 Digital are Smart Home experts, established in 2004 we are CEDIA, THX, Control4 and KNX certified and have a reputation for designing and engineering systems that outperform our competitors - all backed by our complete commitment to customer satisfaction.

If your home is in Phuket, Chiang Mai or Hua Hin then we can help, we also work outside Thailand on a case by case basis.

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Ben heads-up H3 Digital and was responsible for overseeing the design and installation of an integrated smart home lighting and entertainment system at our 1200 m2 show house project on Phuket. Follow up consultancy work, trouble shooting and most recently the design of a home movie theatre. Great approach; punctual and courteous. Great team of staff.
— Dennis Bacon

Our Smart Home Services

You may want to be able to control all your lights from any light switch and have your entire home automated, or just a single room.

If you enjoy watching movies and have any unused space or rooms we could help you convert it into your very own home cinema.

Perhaps you just want to add sound in key areas so everyone can listen to their music by the pool or their bedroom.

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For some home-owners the magic of a smart home is when it’s all tied together, your lighting, air-con, blinds, music and media are orchestrated with one system, one interface on your phone, TV or tablet.

Total Smart Home with Control4

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Get the total home control experience with a Control4® system designed and engineered by H3 Digital.

One user interface blends seamlessly through your home with touchscreens, TV’s and apps all delivering the power to control everything in your home. Set dramatic mood lighting throughout your home with a single touch, choose your music and movies to watch and listen to, set your Air conditioner and even lock your doors all through the exact same interface.

You can even login and control everything remotely with the secure 4Sight™ technology it’s easy to command your home, receive important alerts and notifications from anywhere in the world.


Home cinema offers the ultimate in luxury home entertainment, enjoy the latest movies on the big screen.  We can transform any room or unused space into your own private movie theater.


Play your music all over your home, everywhere you like with a multi room sound system. choose an album, or playlist - select the room or outdoor zone and hit play, it’s that easy.


With Control4 you can automate your home, set dramatic mood lighting scenes at the touch of a button and control your entire home all from one single app or at the press of a button.

Expert Knowledge

We are Smart Home experts having been designing and installing smart home technology, home cinema and sound systems into homes since 2004. We are both members of and certified by CEDIA - the international trade association for the smart home and audio visual industry.

If you'd like your home to be a smart home (whether it’s an existing home or new build) and feature home automation technology that's fun to use, simple and entertaining, then get in touch. Because we are THX, Cedia and KNX certified, rest assured that our knowledge, experience and service is of the highest level, we install home cinema, audio systems (including SONOS and Nuvo) and lighting systems.

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THX Certification means we can design and install the ultimate home theater experience for you. Specialized insider-knowledge, tools and home theater design knowledge to professionally design room layout, including seating, speakers and acoustical treatment. 

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Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is the original international trade organisation for the smart home electronic systems industry. Those that sell, plan, design, supply and install automated electronic systems for the modern, intelligent smarthome. 

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KNX is a home and building control and automation standard used worldwide. It is used for home automation, lighting and building control. It is used across a wide range of building control and automation across all market segments including residential, commercial and industrial.

Our knowledge is second to none, our prices are reasonable, if you would like an easy to control and fun Smart Home then please get in touch, Ben Hobbs our MD can be reached directly on BenHobbs@H3-Digital.com.

H3 Digital are full CEDIA Members, CEDIA members are experts in the integration of electronic systems into Smart Home Environments. Founded in 1989, CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) is the international trade organisation for the integrated home technology industry.

CEDIA strives to implement rigorous standards across the systems integration industry and helps to ensure the highest standards and guarantees a quality level of work for clients. Member companies meet rigorous criteria and have certified technicians/designers on staff and an established trading history.

Our Customers

We strive to provide the very best level of service for our customers and ensure your smart home is enjoyable and useful. We rigorously train so that we are at the top of the industry and have a reputation for excellence.

Testimonials on our website are from homeowners, property developers, architects and building experts here in Thailand.

We enjoy good relationships with our clients and much of our work is repeat business on the 2nd and 3rd homes of our original customers. 

We are always only a phone call away, for support, expert knowledge or just tech advice from a friendly voice.

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Many customers have decided to buy property in Thailand to either call home or visit on holidays.  We offer solutions for new-builds, renovations, refurbishments and retrofit - Cinema, Sound Systems and Lighting / Home Automation.  


Property developers who wish to offer buyers intelligent home technology such as cinema, music sound systems and smart lighting systems, come to us for our help and expertise in building the latest tech into their property.


Bars, Restaurants, Clubs and Hotels looking great sounding music systems can expect us to bring crystal clear sound and music, whether it's a thumping bassline for a party or relaxing background music to set the mood.

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I have always found that H3 have been very reliable and trustworthy. Ben has always been helpful advising me and my clients and explaining things in simple terms. It has always been a pleasure to work with Ben & his team. I have recommended Ben to my Clients and he has never failed to make my Clients happy. I will continue doing so as they are very reliable and professional
— Pat Gan

The term Smart Home brings together a range of home technology such as music and high definition video systems, home automation, lighting and control systems that help bring your home to life, making it more fun and enjoyable. These audio visual systems encompass home theater, multi room audio and whole home sound systems, lighting control, home automation and the control systems that work alongside them.  Our expertise includes the design, supply and install of home cinema, audio systems (including SONOS and Nuvo), lighting systems and complete home networks and sub systems.

All photos on our website are of actual installs completed by H3 Digital and the quotes are from previous satisfied customers.

Ben and his team at H3 Digital offer great products and great service. I have had 3 places fitted out with Home Cinemas and Sonos Sound Systems by H3 digital with pure professionalism.

The Sonos music system is so simply fantastic and easy to use.

My experience with H3 Digital has been fantastic from setting up home theaters to listening to radio from round the world with the simple to use Sonos music system.
— Simon Yates
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Home Cinema

Big Screens mean Big fun, enjoy movies the way they were meant to be seen

Home Cinema

Big Screens mean Big fun, enjoy movies the way they were meant to be seen

Home cinemas offer the ultimate in home entertainment to enjoy with your friends and family.  

If your home in Thailand hasn't got a home cinema, you're missing out, our customers love watching movies on their very own cinema such a fantastic talking point for your home. If you want one, get in touch.

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We design the best home cinemas in Thailand.

With thought given to acoustics, light control, operation and comfort - any distractions, interruptions or disturbance may shatter the illusion and stop you from immersing yourself fully.

We help design and engineer the right environment so you have a very special movie experience.

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Our experience makes the cinema build straightforward.

All of our engineering and design staff have been with us for longer than 12 years and we've built hundreds of cinemas in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

Our expert knowledge allows us to specify the best value products ensuring you get the best bang for your budget.

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Home Cinema that's Simple to Use, Easy to Enjoy.

One of the most important things for any home cinema is that it's simple to use and easy to control.

We make sure that it is uncomplicated and enjoyable to operate. It's easy to use so sit back, strap yourself in, surround yourself with family and friends and have a blast.

Our staff are THX and CEDIA certified and have completed hundreds of successful home theater installations, our home cinema recliners are custom made to your specification - motorised or manual, leather or suede and in any colour and seat combination. We can design starlight ceilings, home automation and lighting control even for a single room or area.

Home Cinema in Thailand by H3 Digital.png
The viewing room is a great set up and works really well. I spent about 3 times more for one in Singapore and the end result is a similar quality as the one you installed for us here in Phuket. Your one is as good for a third of the price !
— Tom Keaveny




Your Music wherever you want it



Your Music wherever you want it

How we listen to music has changed, how we store our music has as well.

we appreciated your staff´s professionalism when installing the sound system. They really do a good job.
— Christer Jansson

With our audio systems you can listen to anything you want, whenever you want, in any room or area of your home.  

If your home here in Thailand hasn't got multi room audio built-in, you're missing out. our customers love being able to listen easily to all their favourite music, in any room they want, even better when it’s outdoors by the swimming pool. If you want music in your home, get in touch.



All the music on earth. And then some.

Sonos was created by music lovers... for music lovers. Sonos will play absolutely all the music you love… no matter where it comes from.  The Internet for streaming, radio, and podcasts and your personal collection of music, MP3 or Apple music stored on your computer.

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The simplest way to listen to all of your music all over your home.

Nuvo whole home audio systems guarantee an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions designed to match incredible fidelity with the latest in streaming sources and intuitive controls.

Underwater Speakers.png
Ben Hobbs did a marvelous job in our house. He was and is very helpful and I can recommend him for Sound Systems.
— Holger Schwab
Clean, polite, professional installation. Everything works perfectly. Many thanks for your help!
— Scott Gorsuch



Smart Home Lighting and Home Automation


Smart Home Lighting and Home Automation

Smart Lighting helps create a relaxing atmosphere, making your home more comfortable and inviting.

Make your life easier - automate simple tasks and set mood lights with a single touch or voice command.

If your Thailand villa or home hasn't got smart lighting, you're missing out. If you want it, get in touch.

More and more devices are being connected - the IOT (Internet Of Things).  Making it really easy and fun to get your content where you want it and interact with your environment in amazing ways.

Lighting Systems

Philips Hue Lighting Control.jpg

Philips Hue

Your personal wireless lighting that lets you easily control your light from your device and create ambience for your every moment.  It will change the way you use light



Also known as EIB (European Instabus) It is a standard (ISO 15453) for Bus network communication protocol for building control.

Control Systems


Amazon Echo

Alexa is Amazons voice assistant and can help automate your Smart Home, turn on and dim lights and listen to music.


Google Home

Google Home is the voice-activated Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things.



Samsungs Hub for all things Smart, lets you control lights, home automation, air-con, IPTV and security.


Apple Homekit

HomeKit is Apple's framework for bringing all your smart devices together for a single home automation ecosystem.



Building a smart home is easier than ever before - Lights. Power. Security. Automation connected in a single app.



The ultimate automation service for small tasks between Internet-connected services - If This.... Then That.

He has combined hi tech solutions with the practicalities of making things work. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben or working with his company on future projects
— Ian Potter - Lighting Designer
H3 Digital Smart Lighting.png




Home Networking

The internet is ubiquitous, it's now an important part of any smart home. So many devices in the home are now Smart and rely on wifi, from your mobile phone, computers through to smart televisions . We design and install the Unifi range of Prosumer level networking equipment for rock solid wifi, that just works, all the time, all over your home. 

Ubiquiti Networking.jpg

Wifi Access Points

UniFi is a revolutionary WiFi system which combines enterprise class performance, unlimited scalability and rock solid stability.

The Ubiquiti UniFi access points use a clean industrial design that seamlessly blends into home environments.

The Unifi Access Points feature the latest in Wi-Fi high power wireless MIMO technology. They are powered over Ethernet (via the Unifi PoE Swicth or PoE Injector).


Network Switches

Advanced Enterprise switching is now available for the home.  Unifi switches from Ubiquiti feature Gigabit speed.

The UniFi Switches feature fully managed PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) Gigabit Ports to help deliver robust performance and intelligent switching for growing networks.

Unifi switches have the forwarding capacity to simultaneously process traffic on all ports without any packet loss.

Ubiquiti Products.jpg

Routers & Controllers

The Security Gateway Router and Cloud Key Controller from Ubiquiti are the perfect way to manage, control and configure your home network.  Offering a level of security, speed and experience far beyond the consumer grade equipment bundled free with your Internet connection, by your ISP.

Powerful firewalls and guest networks help keep your private data secure.