La Colline

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Featured Technology

Lighting Control
Philips Hue
Logitech Smart Home

Home Cinemas
5.1 THX Surround Sound
100" 1080p Projector
92" 1080p Projector
Harmony One touch remote

Multi Room Audio
Sonos audio systems
Nuvo in-ceiling speakers
Nuvo in-wall speakers
Nuvo outdoor speakers

Project Brief

At La Colline we were initially consulted and subsequently engaged by the villa developer to put Smart Home Technology into his own home and show villa with a Sonos multi room music system.

His later recommendation to individual villa owners saw us provide home technology to most of the villas in the La Colline development.

The outdoor spaces in La Colline are beautiful and an important part of the experience, outdoor audio zones were a requirement for most villa owners.


The villas outdoor areas are spread over multiple levels, we worked hard to make sure that each level had great sounding music system and importantly good control over the music.

Sonos Bridge

Alongside the Sonos music amplifiers we used Nuvo's excellent in-ceiling and outdoor speakers exclusively. These sound amazing and because they are so well engineered we can install them knowing the customers will have years of worry free, enjoyable use.  They come with an unmatched 3 year Guarantee.


La Colline is a delightful development of interesting villas, we enjoyed working with the developer initially and then individual home owners, some of whom it was the 2nd or even 3rd house we had worked on providing sound systems and smart home technology for.

La Colline was one of the first developments where we started to implement a hardwire network policy where possible because of the long distances between Sonos amplifiers. This enabled seamless control from anywhere in the villa.

La Colline Smart Homes Phuket