WE'RE SERIOUS ABOUT MUSIC, In every room of your home.

Nuvo whole home audio systems guarantee a fantastic listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions specially designed for the modern day home.

Control it all through your smart phone (iPhone, iPad or Android), choose room, choose music and adjust volume easily.

A superior home audio experience is closer than you think. Nuvo's range of in-ceiling and outdoor speakers offer outstanding sound quality.

It’s easy to build the perfect solution to fit your home. Each player features access to both networked music libraries and the near-infinite variety of Internet Radio.

Whether you are in Phuket, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Chiang Mai or anywhere in Thailand, we can help you install Nuvo into your home...

Nuvo Product Brochure 2016

Nuvo Products

Nuvo In-Ceiling Speakers - 14,000 - 28,000 Baht
Architectural speakers for multi room audio and home cinema.


These in-ceiling speakers fill every room with impressively full, impeccably clean sound for an audio experience that is never
compromised. Outdoor Loudspeakers deliver outstanding sound, so you can listen on your patio, garden or in your pool

Nuvo In-Ceiling Speakers

Nuvo Accentplus 1 Speakers

6.5" Accentplus1 In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speakers - 14,000 Baht
8" Accentplus1 In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speakers - 18,000 Baht

6.5" Accentplus1 Outdoor
Speakers - 18,000 Baht
6.5" Accentplus1 Rock
Speakers - 18,000 Baht

Nuvo Accentplus 2 Speakers

6.5" Accentplus2 In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speakers - 22,000 Baht
8" Accentplus2 In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speakers - 26,000 Baht 

6.5" Accentplus2 Outdoor
Speakers - 24,000 Baht

Nuvo P100 - 20,000 Baht
Wireless music control from the palm of your hand.

Give a room of your home instant access to endless music options, whether from your personal collection or from the expansive libraries of Internet Radio, always delivered in incredible fidelity. 20 watts RMS per stereo channel, perfect for smaller rooms, bedrooms, gym, office, kitchen etc...

  • Your music anytime, anywhere, with quick access to music from your PC or Mac.

  • Connects wirelessly or by Ethernet to the home network for seamless integration into Nuvo Player Portfolio systems.  Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Napster, and SiriusXM.

  • High-fidelity audio is delivered to every area of your home, and kept perfectly in sync, even when all rooms are playing the same tune.

Nuvo P200 - 25,000 Baht
Powerful high resolution music player for the audiophile.

The P200 is the Nuvo P100's big brother, instant access to an incredible variety of music options. All your personal music and Internet Radio, Spotify, Pandora and always delivering incredible musical quality. 60 watts RMS per stereo channel makes this powerful amp perfect for living room, lounge, dining areas or outdoor patios.

  • Connect any analog device and listen to it instantly.
  • Connect any Bluetooth device, wirelessly, using the lossless aptXTM Bluetooth feature, so you can stream any audio from your personal device directly to your home Nuvo system in high-definition.
  • High resolution audio is delivered to every area of your home, and kept perfectly in sync, even when all rooms are playing the same tune.

Nuvo P300 - 15,000 Baht
Add wireless control and Nuvos musical fidelity to your existing stereo system.

Add the Nuvo P300 to your exisiting stereo or power amp to enable a world of music, choose from listening to streaming internet radio, Spotify, Pandora or cast Bluetooth from your phone.

  • Mini-TOSLINK fiber optic digital input and output for integration with A/V receivers or Home Theater systems, enabling the highest possible audio performance
  • Attractive contemporary industrial design discreetly fits into small spaces
  • Includes two Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK adapters

Nuvo P3100 - 70,000 Baht
Rack mounted 3 room music system.

Providing 40 watts of power per zone, this player brings music to any three rooms of your home. Your music selection is limitless thanks to built-in access to Internet radio as well as a network connection to your personal music collection. 

  • In a single, rack-mountable unit, the P3100 provides three players, for three individual amplified zones.
  • Group all of your zones to play in Party Mode and have all zones play the same music in sync.
  • High-performance amplifier operates coolly and saves energy while minimizing distortion.

Nuvo P3500 - 120,000 Baht
Rack mounted heavy duty performance music system

Providing 200 watts of power per zone, this player brings music to any three rooms of your home. Your music selection is limitless thanks to built-in access to Internet radio as well as a network connection to your personal music collection. This plays LOUD. 

  • Connect any storage device to the USB port and play its music through your Nuvo system.
  • High-fidelity audio is delivered to every area of your home, and kept perfectly in sync, even when all rooms are playing the same tune.
  • Exceptional sound quality is matched with extreme power efficiency for superior amplification, featuring Bang and Olufsen’s intelligent ICEpower® audio technology.

Nuvo Gateway - 7,500 Baht
Expand your Nuvos reach.

The core of the wireless, room-to-room network of Nuvo’s wireless players, the Gateway connects to a home router and uses the latest Wi-Fi protocol to reliably send music, from your home network or Internet Radio, to multiple players throughout your system. 

  • The Gateway allows all of your players to talk to each other, share audio content, initiate commands, and even play the same content through every zone, all in perfect sync.
  • Just connect to your home router and the system automatically streams audio from the internet to your players, without any fuss or hassle.
  • Using the state-of-the-art wireless protocol, 802.11n, the Nuvo system can deliver faster more robust signal transmission. That means your music is constantly streaming.

Nuvo D2120 / D4060 - 22,000 Baht
Powerful rack mounted amplification with auto-sensing technology.

Make your home unique to you with the powerful two channel Stereo Amplification system. Using less then one watt of power in standby mode, this amplifier has achieved ENERGY STAR standards.

  • Powerful two Channel (2 x 120 watts RMS) or four channel (4 x 60 watts RMS) Stereo Amplification.
  • Four or eight ohm selectable rating offers optional configurations.
  • High-efficiency design achieves ENERGY STAR standard for utilizing less than one watt of power in standby mode.

Nuvo P10 Keypad - 7,500 Baht
Sometimes you just want to be able to walk into a room, touch a button and turn on the music. 

The Nuvo P10 Keypad offers convenient in-wall control of core functions of a single zone of any Player Portfolio system. The P10 offers users easy command of Volume, Mute, Play, and Pause, as well as Next/Previous track navigation, and with additional access to five system preset Favorites. 

  • Convenient in-wall control of Play, Pause, Volume, Mute, and Track Skip.
  • Favorite button recall quickly jumps to top five preset sources.
  • Sleek single-gang design for unobtrusive wall placement.
  • Single wire connectivity via POE.

Nuvo FAQ (10 Frequently Asked Questions)

What is distributed audio?
Distributed audio refers to having an audio system that is distributed around the home, a whole home audio or music system.  You can listen to all your favourite music wherever you want.

How do I control it
You can use your smart phone (iphone or Android) a Tablet or the wall mounted keypads.

What can I control?
Where and when you listen to your music, play any song you want in any area of your home at any time. Group the zones together for a party and make sure everyone is synced and playing the same song.

Will it sound good?
Nuvo can play 24 bit 96Khz FLAC format, that is ultra high definition and crystal clear. It sounds fantastic.

How many speakers per amp?
Typically we would recommend no more than one or two pairs of speakers per amplifier, besides you will want to have different zones of control so that you can adjust music in different areas.

Will it work if the internet goes down?
Yes, but no Internet Radio, Spotify, Pandora etc... until the internet is back.

Where do the amplifiers go?
We can place the amplifiers anywhere, the P3100 and P3500 are specifically designed to be rack mounted, the P100, P200 and P300 we can place in racks, cabinets or any other discrete location. 

Is it easy to use?
Incredibly, pick up your smart phone, open the app and start listening to music in your home.

Will I use it?
Most people listen to music more when it is so easy to turn on and off and listen to the latest music.

How much is a music system going to cost?
It's very affordable, We've built systems ranging from 35,000 Baht but typically custom audio installs fall into the 120-450,000 baht range for your entire home.