Home cinemas offer the ultimate in home entertainment to enjoy with your friends and family.  

If your home in Thailand hasn't got a home cinema, you're missing out. If you want one, get in touch.


We design the best home cinemas in Thailand.

With thought given to acoustics, light control, operation and comfort - any distractions, interruptions or disturbance may shatter the illusion and stop you from immersing yourself fully.

We help design and engineer the right environment so you have a very special movie experience.


Our experience makes the cinema build straightforward.

All of our engineering and design staff have been with us for longer than 12 years and we've built hundreds of cinemas in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

Our expert knowledge allows us to specify the best value products ensuring you get the best bang for your budget.


Home Cinema that's Simple to Use, Easy to Enjoy.

One of the most important things for any home cinema is that it's simple to use and easy to control.

We make sure that it is uncomplicated and enjoyable to operate. It's easy to use  so sit back, strap yourself in, surround yourself with family and friends and have a blast.

Home Cinema in Thailand
The viewing room is a great set up and works really well. I spent about 3 times more for one in Singapore and the end result is a similar quality as the one you installed for us here in Phuket. Your one is as good for a third of the price !
— Tom Keaveny