We really enjoyed working at Layan Hills Estate for all of the different homeowners. We installed Sonos wireless multi room audio with Nuvo in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor speakers at many of the homes, KNX lighting control and home cinemas.

The estate itself is very beautiful, a lot of the owners actually live here in Phuket - they aren't generally holiday homes so a lot of what we installed was individual to owners tastes, which is great - we are not a fan of cookie cutter systems as everyone has different tastes and needs.  Some listen to music mainly outdoors, around the pool (or even in the pool with the underwater speakers we installed at some of the houses).  Whilst others like to relax around the dining table with some tasteful music in the background.

All in all we have completed projects at maybe 9 or 10 of the villas here, there are still some for sale - we really like the overall design and the developer has done a great job keeping the estate looking very nice.

Details can be found at ; http://layanhillsestate.com/