The new Sonos 7.0 update brings Trueplay to the Sonos Playbar.

Trueplay instantly makes your Sonos wireless sound system smarter, more aware, and more responsive - by using your smartphone to measure how sound reflects off walls, furniture, and other surfaces.

It perfectly adjusts the speaker to produce sound that’s true to the music and right for the room. Any room, any setting, any possible speaker setup. Pure and honest sound, every time. And crucially, tuning with Trueplay is easy. Just open the app on an iPhone or iPad, pick a room and tune. No need for clunky accessories or having an expert over.

In the pursuit of the best possible listening experience, designing great equipment is only half the battle. Sound is beautifully imperfect. It changes constantly from song to song and room to room, which means that even the most precisely-tuned speaker will sound different in certain environments. The solution? Embrace the change. If no speaker fits every context why not use software to give every speaker the ability to create true sound in any context? That was the conviction that drove us to create Trueplay, a unique tuning technology that anyone can use to quickly and simply fine-tune your Sonos speaker to produce spot-on playback in any room.

he visceral immersion of the cinema and the sweeping soundstage of the multiplex are coming home. Trueplay for PLAYBAR brings amazing sound to the world of television, games, and movies, giving PLAYBAR owners the chance to have the best home theater audio experience without having to make your home look like a theater.

It all works on the same smart technology as the original Trueplay. First the software analyzes where your PLAYBAR sits in relation to your favorite viewing spot. Then it adjusts the timing, EQ and loudness of each of PLAYBAR’s nine internal speakers to make sure the sound reaches your ears at exactly the right instant and volume. Playbar uses the walls of your room to bounce sound, creating a bigger soundstage. But (luckily) we don’t all live inside perfectly shaped boxes. So, Trueplay listens for the specific placement of the walls in your room and tunes the speaker to match. Got a heavy curtain that hangs only on one wall? Trueplay knows that area will absorb more noise, so it aligns your PLAYBAR so that sound arrives at the exact right time and volume.