The latest Amazon Alexa and Sonos firmware updates have enabled the much anticipated voice control for your Sonos music system.  This works for any Sonos system if you already have an Echo or Dot (I'm still using an old ZP100 in some rooms) although they are advertising the feature heavily on the Sonos One which has an integrated microphone.

Sonos 1.jpg

One of the best aspects is that when your Sonos audio system is playing and you say "Alexa" Sonos automatically mutes itself so that your Alexa can hear your command properly.  It's a really nice touch and makes it feel fully integrated, it's also really useful as previously I'd always have to grab my phone to mute or turn down my Sonos so that Alexa would hear me properly.

Getting onto some of the general Alexa commands for Sonos we have the following;

Alexa, previous song / track.
Alexa, stop.
Alexa, next song/track.
Alexa, skip.
Alexa, skip song / track.
Alexa, pause / stop / resume in (room name).
Alexa, pause / stop / resume the music in (room name).
Alexa, skip / next in (room name).
Alexa, play the next / previous song/track in (room name).
Alexa, pause Alexa, resume (room name).
Alexa, what's playing in (room name)?
Alexa, turn it up / down in (room name).
Alexa, louder / quieter in (room name).
Alexa, set the volume to 3 (30%) in (room name). [0-10 volume levels]
Alexa, softer in (room name).
Alexa, mute (room name).
Alexa, unmute (room name).


Depending on your source material there are other commands, Sonos are working on the Spotify integration right now to make it fully compatible but no worries you will still be able to issue all the above commands whilst we wait, you will just have to line up the spotify playlist on your phone/tablet first.