Today we had the pleasure of working at Project Artisan which is a Garden eatery, bakery, coffee, cool place with an exceptional Spa and a chilled out laid back vibe.  They are based right near Luna and Laguna here in Phuket, not so far from our new office.

We are installing a sound system for them for casual listening and the odd lively event, we're working hard to make sure that in such a beautiful environment our in-ceiling and outdoor speakers blend in as seamlessly as possible.  Of course all wires are totally hidden and the music will be able to be controlled via any phone or computer connected to the network.

What system is it, well it's capable of playing HD Flac up to 24 bit 192 Khz bit perfectly - It's our new music system called Reference:Music , You will be hearing more about it soon.

Looking forward to it being up and running at Project Artisan soon and enjoying food from their tempting menu and relaxing in Phuket style ambiance.