Nowadays with so many IOT (Internet Of Things) devices it's so much easier to make your house Smarter, or in some cases somebody else's house.  Renters are now able to use products such as Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, Smartthings, Sonos Audio etc.... without having to make any physical changes to the house.

Take for example this one couple in San Francisco who did just that to their rented home, using products from Wink, August, GoControl, Leviton, Philips Hue and Amazons Alexa they have a full smart home system that can be removed at any time.

Tyler and Julia Waneka moved to the city about five years ago. Both work in the tech industry, but they wouldn’t consider themselves early adopters. Techies or not, the Wanekas met the typical San Francisco housing problem: They were priced out of owning.

Their decision to stay in the city but rent long-term was one of the main reasons the Wanekas looked into home tech. They thought: What would we do to our home if we did own? How can we make this apartment more our own? As it turns out, today’s smart home products usually come without extensive wiring, offering the couple a chance to customize and upgrade their place—and the landlord doesn’t have to know a thing