The Sonos ecosystem keeps on growing, They have the Sonos amplifiers, the wireless speakers such as the Play1, Play3 and Play5 - The Surround sound enabling Sonos Playbar and Sub and now their new Playbase.

At it's basic it is a Playbar encapsulated into a base for your TV to sit on, so if you never wall mounted your TV or had no room for a Playbar this will be perfect for you, or if you are just getting started in wireless audio this and a Sonos Sub would be a great start.

Sonos launched a new advert featuring The Big Lebowski to launch the Sonos Playbase.


othing ruins a great movie like bad sound. Now you can enjoy The Big Lebowski with a home theater speaker that transforms your movies (and plays all your favorite music, too). Introducing the all new PLAYBASE. It really ties the room together.