We like Retro here at H3 Digital and what could be more retro than Commodore 64 Smart Home control. It's all very tongue in cheek but Ricardo Quesada went about working out how to Automate your home using a smartphone, a Commodore 64 and a dot matrix printer as part of the retro challenge .

The Commodore Home comes with smart home automation features you would expect. The lighting control systems is a dot matrix printer literally tied to the light switch with gears, pulleys and string (we told you it was tongue in cheek). Turn the printer on  and the lights turn on and off. 

The system also comes with an MP3 music system and an alarm.

See more about the project here.


The Commodore 64 was my very first computer (Thanks Dad), actually second after the short lived Vic20 (with it's 5k of RAM).