Carlton Bale runs a pretty serious home theatre Blog for a hobbyist, both his past home cinemas look amazing and would put to shame a lot of the pro installs that I've witnessed.

His current cinema features;

  • 123"" Firehawk screen
  • Five (Yup that's 5) subwoofers - A 15"Velodyne Sub and 4 18" Subs in an infinite baffle.
  • Motorised seating including tactile transducers (these give your seat a thump in action movies)
  • JVC D-ILA Projector, I really rate both these and the Sony SXRD as giving the best image quality possible.

It's a great setup, he's spent a lot of time on the acoustics and 'feel' of the room and it looks like great fun, Carlton is an engineer by trade and he's pretty knowledgeable - there's some great discussion on his pages about the difference in quality between 1080p and 4k for example, with lively debate.