Just got home (it's 3am) from the office after spending the entire evening reBooting some of our old Pc's, some donated Pc's (Thanks Dennis) and some salvaged parts.

Why?  Well we are rebuilding them as part of our reBoot initiative to bring recycled computers to under-privileged youths. Our current project is for the BanYa Literacy Centre who are hoping to get 10 or 11 computers together for their computer room in their new school for children of construction workers living in local camps.

The recycling work is quite tough going, it's piecing together components, some work, some don't.  Once we have a working build we then purchase a Windows 7 License and upgrade to Windows 10.

These aren't going to be multimedia powerhouses but they are going to be useful and able to run all modern software, as a bonus we are keeping old Pc's and components out the landfill.

We are currently at 4 computers, from about 7 salvaged PC's, they will need mice and keyboard and new monitors. So we need another 7 computers to make the 11 total, which will mean we need about 9-10 more donated computers for this project. If you have an old computer lying around the house from 2010 onwards, please bring it in.