The TV manufacturers (Samsung I'm glaring at you) seem determined to push Curved Tv's as the new standard of high-end televisions.

Their arguments are that compared to flat Tv's curved Tv's offer;

Improved Immersion
Greater Sense of Depth
Wider FIeld of View
Uniform field of view
Better Contrast

Now some of these may well be true, but in reality only if you are siting in the sweet spot, directly in the centre and at the exact right viewing distance.  It's incredibly rare for anyone to be in that sweet spot, let alone a couple or a family watching a movie. Also these are all minimal differences, it's not a new viewing experience in any way.

What they will not tell you is that Curved screens also brings issues when compared to normal Flat Screen Tv's.

For example curved screens tend to;

Exaggerate Reflections
Be tricky to place
limits viewing angles
Be Difficult to Wall Mount

In my opinion (and I've been wrong before) I think its a current fad, unlike 4K or OLED which bring real hard tangible results and are technology driven, That's where my money would be going, the biggest, flattest, OLED, 4k Tv you can afford.