Krystian from SmartHomeGeeks

Krystian from SmartHomeGeeks

Today we have a Guest Post from Krystian Szastok from SmartHomeGeeks in the UK.

Krystian and Henry write about Smart Home technology that they own and have experience with.  They publish how to guides on Alexa, The Internet of Things, Sonos and other cool home technology.

Today they are telling us about 5 of their favourite High Tech gadgets.


5 Home Automation High-Tech Gadgets

Make everyday items smart with home automation!  Here are five of our favourite high-tech gadgets that will help you automate boring everyday tasks (such as boiling the kettle) and monitor your home from afar.

1.  Smart smoke detector:  Nest Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm


What does it do?  This fantastic piece of kit detects smoke and carbon monoxide.  It’s fitted with an industrial-grade smoke sensor, has a 10-year battery life and tests itself automatically at regular intervals. Burnt your dinner again?  No problem; quickly silence the alarm using your smartphone.

Why do I need it?  If Nest detects smoke or carbon monoxide, it will sound an alarm AND send an alert to your phone in case you’re not home.  The detector will tell you what’s wrong and where the problem is, plus the smart sensor can even detect slow- and fast-burning fires.

2.  Smart monitoring:  PetCube Bites 

What does it do?  PetCube Bites is a High Definition camera that allows you to monitor your dog when you’re away from home (via a smartphone or tablet).  But that’s not all… you can also talk to your pet pooch and entertain him by dispatching tasty treats across the room, remotely, from wherever you are.   The PetCube will fling treats up to 6 feet across the room. 

Why do I need it?  It'll help ease the anxiety of leaving your dog home alone and provide him with regular bursts of stimulation (which will save them from chewing your sofa or tipping the bin over).  PetCube calls the device a "saviour for lonely pets."  

Pet Cube Bites

The stylish container holds up to 900g of treats, it can be fastened to the wall, high up, out of your pet’s reach. 

3.  Smart heating:  Nest Learning Thermostat 

Nest Thermostat

What does it do?  At first, it looks like an ordinary thermostat that fires up the boiler until it's reached the desired temperature, but it's so much more.  It's one of the most intelligent thermostats on the market.  It will learn your heating patterns over the space of a week and work out how long it'll take to heat your home, even taking the weather into account.   Then it will programme itself automatically.  It can even detect if your home is empty and switch off the heating if necessary.  

Want to manually override Nest?  Simply adjust your heating from your phone, tablet or voice-controlled speaker.  

Why do I need it?  NEST improves energy efficiency AND you don't have to move from the sofa to switch on the heating in winter! 

4.  Smart security:  Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Nest Cam indoor Security Camera

What does it do?  The Nest Cam delivers motion and sound alerts to your smartphone or email address.   You can also see what's happening live at home or go back and watch previous footage from the last three hours.  

Why do I need it?  For peace of mind.   Use the Nest Cam in your nursery in place of a baby monitor, or have it positioned by your valuables for added home security.

Smarter iKettle 3.0

5.  Smart appliances: Smarter iKettle 3.0

What does it do?  Boil the kettle from the comfort of your seat using either your smartphone or another smart device in your home (such as Amazon Echo).  It keeps water warm for up to 40 minutes.  Schedule the kettle to boil when you wake up in the morning or have it boil water when you're a few minutes away from home at night!

Why do I need it?  Saves you time.  According to the manufacturers, this smart kettle will save the average tea-drinker up to TWO DAYS PER YEAR!  

Author bio:

Krystian Szastok is a true smart home geek. He loves being up to date with latest home automation systems. In free time, he reviews gadgets and publishes his findings on SmartHomeGeeks.