Amazon has just acquired Blink.  Blink was started in 2014 and builds connected Wi-Fi home security cameras and also a new video doorbell just launched earlier this week.  Blink was started via a crowdfunding campaign where it raised more than 1 million US$.

Blink Smart Home Doorbell

The Blink Video Doorbell can be used either wired or wirelessly running from 2 AA batteries and allows you to watch a HD real time image whilst speaking to whoever is at the door.  It also has motion alerts, video capture and night vision.  The Blink video doorbell is IP65 so is water resistant for outdoor use.

Blink Video Doorbell

Amazon has recently been gearing up for what are termed home entry products such as the Amazon Key and Cloud Cam that will allow Amazon delivery drivers to enter your home or parts of it to make a safe delivery, within their allocated time slot and monitored by the Amazon Cloud Cam.  The Blink technology may help them assimilate the doorbell into the system in some way.

Blink and Amazon

Amazon is making some serious forays into the smart home market, the amazing success of the Alexa products has really catapulted Amazon into lead position over Google, Apple and other technology companies.