Sonos is one of the worlds leading multi room and wireless audio companies, they are notoriously secretive about their product lines so it's a surprise that this has leaked (if it's genuine).

A leaked product listing from BH website revealed a Sonos speaker called the ‘Sonos PlayBase’ showing the speaker company take a new direction. Whilst it is, as of yet, an unconfirmed leak the name and design of the speaker has people speculating that it is likely a Soundbar for your TV, that the TV sits upon.

So far Sonos has focussed on home speakers that can be connected to the internet and stream music through multiple speakers. It can be assumed that the Sonos PlayBase will retain Sonos’ connectivity between other speakers for a simulated surround sound experience. Sonos already have a large TV soundbar available and with no real details available it will be interesting to see what the Sonos PlayBase brings to the table.