Legrand’s NuVo Technologies puts wireless audio control within reach – both physically and financially—thanks to the P10 PoE keypad.

We love controlling, choosing songs and volume on our phones, iPads etc.... but sometimes you just want to walk into a room and press a button by the light switch and be instantly listening to your favourite songs.

The single-gang device works with NuVo’s affordable wireless (and wired) audio systems to control volume, tracks and playlists. Just plug it into the home network and it immediately “gets noticed” by NuVo’s Player Portfolio for music management, says NuVo product manager Walt Zerbe.

But that’s not all. NuVo recently updated its app to support up to 10 FAVORITES assigned and recalled by users.

Favorites could be songs, artists, radio channels, playlists or any other type of content that can be accessed through the app.

Once the FAVORITES are established, the top five can be launched with a single button press on the P10 keypad. In fact, pressing just one button automatically “wakes up the zone and starts playing,” Zerbe says.

The addition of FAVORITES to the NuVo application serves another purpose. It makes it easier for third-party control systems to recall (and update on-the-fly) any of the presets.