We had the pleasure to install some of the great sounding Roth Oli RA1 stereo speakers and our own Reference:Music amplifier system at a friend of ours new office in Phuket recently.

Roth Oli RA1 Speakers in White

Roth Oli RA1 Speakers in White

He wanted a music system to provide a great sound without huge speakers, we chose to use the RA1's because of their diminutive size and ability to punch above their weight in terms of Bass and sound clarity.

In-ceiling speakers were out of the question as the ceilings were just too high and no mounting space, the Roth speakers were mounted directly to the curved wall as pictured below.

How does it sound? Great!

We are constantly impressed by the audio quality of these little speakers, fantastic sounding with a musical presence of much larger speakers.

They mount directly to the wall and really look the part, we love the white finish.