Silicon Valley based Knightscope are offering companies and individuals their smart security Robot - The K5 - a 400-pound, 6-foot tall autonomous security robot that roves parking lot aisles, hallways of office campuses, sports stadium foyers, shopping malls and high tech homes.

The smart Robot has LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors and cameras that help it differentiate between passersby and criminals.  Knightscope’s robots pack infrared cameras sharp enough to make out license plates, and onboard wireless that identifies smartphones down to the MAC and IP addresses. On the backend, Knightscope can blacklist individual phones, faces, or even cars. When an intruder is detected, the company alerts its clients.

All the data can be fed to the cloud and Knightscape will store that for up to 15 years, upto 90 Terrabytes of data per Robot.

These “fully autonomous security data machines” are available now on subscription at a cost starting at only $7 per hour for 24/7 security and are ideal for dangerous areas and repetitive tasks.  Cheaper than a human doing the same job and with cameras and sensors and recording of data to boot.