Today a simple infographic on the 3 best uses for Amazon Alexa control, Amazon's push towards a Smart Home future.

Light switches can be a thing of the past - Replaced by;  "Alexa, Turn off bedroom lights", "Alexa, Dim the Lounge" and "Alexa, Turn my lights to purple".

No more reaching for a CD and switching on hifi equipment; "Alexa, Play some Jazz music", "Alexa, turn it down" and "Alexa, Shuffle my Sunday playlist".

Newspapers are so 20th Century; "Alexa, What's the News?", "Alexa, What's the Weather?" and "Alexa, who plays jon Snow in Game of Thrones?".

You will need to set some of these up and for lighting control you will need to have smart bulbs such as Philips Hue.