Our new office is coming on, this week we have been busy adding in the concrete floorpans as a base for the office floor.  Next week we hope to add in the first lot of windows and then we can cement over the floor. 

Laying The Foundation
Concrete Floor

Our office is going to be in the industrial/factory/warehouse style. we will be offering demo facilities of the very best in home cinema, audio systems and lighting control. We will also be showcasing Smart Home Automation  including Amazons Alexa, Google Home and Apples HomeKit.

Crane Lifting the Floor
Concrete Planks
Cement Planks
Cement Floor
Cement Plank Flooring

Once the windows go in we can start on the task of sealing the office up, it will be a mix of cement, bricks and glass.  Once it's all sealed up we will be adding on-wall metal conduit for the electrics and lights.