Sony is expanding its home cinema projector range with three brand new 4K HDR models announced at IFA 2017.

The new projectors feature our favourite projector technology, SXRD (JVC calls their version of this D-ILA). This technology otherwise known as LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is basically LCD on steroids.  Brighter and with a less discernable grid structure, Home Cinemas powered by these projectors look smoother and there is no visible pixel structure on screen.

Sony 4k SXRD Home CInema Projector

These new projectors from Sony are their native 4K SXRD technology, which Sony say delivers “high-contrast” and “detail-packed” images in combination with Sony’s Reality Creation resolution processing technology.

“All of these models are designed with Sony’s commitment in mind to bring the most ‘true to reality’ images to our customers,” said Anna Tan, Product Manager – Display, Sony ANZ.

“All three feature-packed 4K HDR projectors, from the cost-effective VPL-VW260ES to the premium VPL-VW760ES, have breathtakingly-real picture quality. So, whether viewers are watching the latest action film or a sporting event they’ll feel truly immersed in the experience,” Tan said.

Sony 4k Projector

The VPL-VW760ES laser light source projector features 2,000 lumens of brightness, Motionflow technology for stabilising fast moving scenes, and Triluminos technology for a broader colour range than standard projectors according to Sony.

As the projector uses a laser light source, no lamp changes are required and expendable parts are said to last about 20,000 hours before needing replacement. Sony also said it had reduced the depth of the projector by 40% on the existing laser light source model to make it easier to install or mount.

Sony 4k Projector

Sony’s “versatile” projector model, the VPL-VW360ES, features 1,500 lumens of brightness and an Advanced Iris for 200,000:1 dunamic contrast. The projector is also able to use picture positioning memory to adjust to a content’s aspect ratio.

Then there is the “affordable” VPL-VW260ES which rounds out the new projector range, with “great value-to-cost performance” featureing 1,500 lumens of brightness, available in black and white colours.