IKEA have been adding slowly to their off the shelf smart home products gradually over the last few years. They started out offering light bulbs to go into their light fittings (IKEA was at the forefront of the push to LED bulbs over incandescent and fluorescent lights).

IKEAS growing number of Smart Home products

IKEAS growing number of Smart Home products

Then they moved onto offering Zigbee controlled light bulbs and light switches under their TRADFRI in-house brand (These are semi-compatible with Philips Hue with a few minor hacks).

ikea-smart-blind-02 (1).jpg

Now it looks like IKEA will be offering up a number of Smart Blinds that should work with Apples Homekit and iPhones and Android devices through an app. These smart blinds will be powered by a lithium ion battery so should be easy to assemble and fit into standard sized windows. Due to launch any day now its great to see more home automation and smart home technology filter out into normal homes.