It's been confirmed that Amazons Smart Home Alexa systems have been laughing at you behind your back, sort of.  It seems that quite a few peoples systems have been accidentally triggered into spouting out some creepy sounding laugh track. 

Amazons Alexa family of products

Amazons Alexa family of products

International press has been reporting people getting spooked out by by the creepy laughter.

Apparently the Alexa enabled systems such as Amazons Echo, Sonos ONE and the Amazon Echo Dot have thought they had heard the command "Alexa, laugh" which previously triggered Alexa launching into a creepy sounding laugh.

Amazons Creepy Laughter - Alexa

Amazon has since launched a fix so that you must ask "Alexa, Can you laugh?" which is now followed by "Sure, I can laugh" and a small Tee Hee at the end.