It's been a while, we've been very busy with a number of large home cinema and tons of audio visual installs here in Phuket, Chiangmai, Bangkok, Hua Hin and Yangon. We've hired some new staff to help manage the office build whilst we are all busy with installs, we've only got the floor, doors and then the electrics to do and we can start the process of moving in.

Cutting Container for our Office Door
Weld Cutting the container for our office door and windows
Action Shot
Beautiful Patina shows the decades of older paint schemes the container has gone through

Last week we were cutting holes in the container Steel for our office doors and windows, we will be in the top container next to the meeting area.  We were also tidying up some of the painting to the outside, When your building is made of Steel it's very important to make sure it's painted well to keep it from rusting out.

H3 Digital Office Front
Stairs next to cinema demo room

It's exciting times and we can't wait to have all the space to show off some of the incredible home cinema, audio and lighting systems.