The Sonos ONE speaker which is part of the multi room music system Sonos ecosystem has just had a redesign, externally the speaker stays the same but internally there have been some changes;

new Sonos ONE soon available in Thailand

new Sonos ONE soon available in Thailand

Bluetooth Low Energy
Faster Processor
More Memory

Now, none of these are going to make the small standalone speaker sound any better, these types of Sonos wireless speakers are best suited to provide audio into children’s bedrooms, small rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or as an everyday speaker that can be moved around the house.

Sonos ONE underside

Whilst sound performance will be identical it’s likely that the other changes will make sure that the Sonos One can keep up with it’s snappy UI and streaming throughout your home and other Sonos zones. The last Sonos One was released about a year and a half ago. It’s likely that this is a cost cutting or streamlining manufacturing exercise.

There are some rumours that the extra horsepower under the hood will enable it to support Airplay2 by Apple. Sonos had previously stated that some older speakers "simply don't have the horsepower to support AirPlay 2,"

Sonos ONE in different colours

They are then looking at future proofing the Sonos One a little. No news when the new Sonos One will be available here in Thailand yet.