Leading Smart Home company Control4 has debuted it’s new Smart Home Operating System dubbed OS3.

The new and improved "operating system" can control more than 13,500 third-party devices and independent users are able to create whole-home dashboards to monitor all of the devices in their home and see all their favourite products, rooms and zones at a glance. It will be available here in Thailand soon.

Control4 OS3

This includes multi room audio, distributed video, IP CCTV images, lighting control and home automation. It will need to be initially programmed and engineered by your smart home provider but the it can be tailored by end-users to their specific needs.

Charlie Kindel made the announcement, As the ex-Amazon executive responsible for the success of Alexa it’s obvious he’s keen on getting Control4 working with all the smart home products available to end-users.

We want to give users a broad choice rather than creating a collection of tiny walled gardens that limit homeowners
— Charlie Kindel - Control4

Smart Home OS 3 from Control4 is a complete re-write and has hundreds of enhancements over the former OS which have been driven from customer and dealer feedback. Here are some of the favourite pieces of the new OS;

  • Favorite Rooms – Swipe quickly between your family room, master bedroom, kitchen, and office.

  • Audio Favorites – One-click Favorites to play Radio Paradise on TuneIn; The Beatles White Album (Super Deluxe) in MQA from Tidal Masters; and my Radiohead playlist.

  • On Screen interface – Add Favorites for Netflix and Amazon Prime on Roku; Xfinity; Radio Paradise; lighting scenes; and door locks and garage doors so they are what you see as soon as I press the red Control4 button.

  • Music distribution – Sending music to rooms is available from the new Media Bar on the Room, Now Playing, or Sessions Screens.

  • All Rooms + Filter in Lighting – It’s easier than ever to see which lights the kids left on.

  • Volume tap – on the volume slider, use the tap-the-slider option to change volume up or down a couple of percentage points.