Last week saw our engineering team travel up to Bangkok for the week to attend the Control4 Automation Programmer course put on by Mahajak Thailand.

Control4 is quite simply the best Smart Home system around.

Control4 Smart Homes
  • It provides complete control over your home

  • Makes your home intelligent

  • Empowers home owners by simplifying home technology

  • So easy to use

Within 2 days of completing the course I’d ordered a complete retrofit system for my home, it’s that good.

We had already completed preliminary training prior to this 4 day course but the more we understood the more excited we became. The system solves a lot of issues we’ve had with other lighting control and building automation systems such as Lutron, Crestron or KNX.

The smart home systems we work on generally include;

  • Lighting Control

  • Multi Room Audio

  • Home Cinema

Previously these were harder than you imagine to integrate together, start adding in Wifi systems and IP Cameras and something like KNX became very complicated, very quickly. Both to program and to the end user.

Control4 Simplifies everything with a powerful set of tools that allow us to deliver Smart Homes that tie everything together into one seamless interface and user experience.

Using our 15 years+ of experience in Smart Home Technology and the power of Control4 we can deliver an unsurpassed experience and help bring your home to life.