Lutron Sues Savant Over Alleged Patent Infringement on 4-Button Keypad

Lutron are alleging that Savant's Ascend keypad infringes on Lutron's "award-winning, clean and sleek Palladiom® keypads."

Savant keypad

From Lutron's patent-infringement lawsuit against Savant: "The aesthetic equivalence of the Accused Ascend Keypads and the design in the ’277 patent is substantial."

Lutron Electonics is suing Savant, accusing the defendant of infringing on patent no. D734,277, which defines a four-button keypad design employed in Lutron's Palladiom product line.

Lutron claims Savant copied the plaintiffs design, in that Savant's Ascend keypads:

"are wall-mounted control devices for lights, dimmers, and other things such as blinds and drapes."

"include a cover housing with a flat front surface faceplate and low profile rectangular outer periphery"

Lutron vs Savant keypads

"There are buttons (typically four) provided at the front surface of the housing that are substantially flush with the faceplate."

Both companies are leading suppliers of lighting contols and home automation systems.

It seems that Lutron’s patent for a 4 button lighting control pad is from 2015, so it must be that they are objecting to the fact the Savant one looks so similar, because Smart Home Keypads and controllers with identical performance and engineering have been around for decades now.