We started conceptual work on a Home Cinema on the East coast of Phuket this week.  It's not a huge room, but it's going to sound and look great.  You don't necessarily need a huge room for home theatre, if it's just you and the family and occasional visitor then no need for a massive screen unless you are sitting far away.

This cinema will feature a 75"LED 4k Television with 7.1 Surround sound using Nuvo In-Wall speakers for the front (left, centre, right) speakers and Roth Oli RA1's for the surround speakers. All driven by an Onkyo Receiver.  Sources will be media centre and Bluray - All controlled with a harmony logitech all in one remote control.

As part of this home cinema we are integrating a lighting control system into just the one room, with the Philips Hue lights this can be a lot of fun - you can control the lights with your phone, computer, timed or even the logitech remote control - so the lights dim as you start the movie.


The room is 4.50m by 4m and was an unused space before, the owners are turning it into what I hope (and is usually the case) one of the most used and most fun rooms in their beautiful villa.