Today we had the pleasure of using the Flexson speaker mounts for Sonos at a beautiful villa in Phuket.  Flexson are the mounts specifically made for the Sonos range of wireless speakers, they are available for the PlayBar, Play1, Play3, Play5 and Sonos Sub.  The mounts come in floorstand, desk mount and wall mounts.  H3 Digital are the Thai distributor for Sonos Flexson mounts in Thailand.

First up are the Flexson Stand Mounts for the all new Sonos Play5. At last an elegant solution to using Sonos's range of wireless HiFi speakers in your home.  Cables tuck into the floor mounts themselves keeping them nicely hidden and the whole thing looking elegant but sounding great.

Next we have the Floor stand mount for the Sonos Play:3 wireless speaker, The Flexson mount does a great job at hiding the power cabling.  The stand allows you to mount your Sonos Play3 either vertically or horizontally, whichever suits your room best.  It puts the sound at ear level and allows you to position your Sonos speakers more naturally.

If you'd like to use Flexson speaker stands for your Sonos project then please get in touch.