A Smart Home Robot invented by LG to help users control their Smart Homes has taken a bit of a beating in the press this week after it failed to follow the commands of LG's Marketing Chief who was Demoing the Robot to the Press at the CES Show in the USA.

"Cloi" is meant to be the centrepiece of LG's proof of concept regarding how AI can help in the home and the kitchen.  It stood there blinking, seemingly confused, whilst it ignored multiple consecutive commands.

Across social media the robot has been blasted for his disastrous debut, making us feel rather sorry for him (her?).

We've all suffered from stage fright at some point, and it's a big ask to put a voice assistant on a stage with speakers, PA systems, microphones and a crowd.  It's great to see LG putting time and effort into designing and developing robots to assist in the future smart home though.