Philips Hue launched a big update to their app and bulbs today after announcing it at the Consumer Electronic Show in the USA.  This promptly broke their servers for a while so if I was you I wouldn't update my app and bulbs for a few days yet.

Philips Hue Smart Home Lights

Building on their Smart Home success this will also offer the ability to sync your computer with games and movies that you are playing or watching on your PC.  It will work through a Windows10 and MacOS app called Hue Sync.

This app monitors whats on your screen and automatically changes the mood and dynamics/colours of your lights.  Imagine watching a scary movie and the lights dim as the movie scene gets darker, glimpses of candlelight flicker in the back of your room mimicking the film unfolding before you.  Sounds cool, and you get to dial in how intense you want the effect to be.

There is also a new implementation of the Philips Hue app for Android and iPhones, featuring a modern style that makes navigating to scenes and rooms much easier.

Philips Hue also mentioned that they will be releasing their first outdoor lighting and fixtures and hinted there may be a security element to some of the outdoor lamps.

The Hue ecosystem is going from strength to strength, I'd still like some hard switches, directly available from Philips, so if you are listening....

Also you can now sync your Razer gaming products with your Philips Hue lights.  See the cool video below.