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Matthew Perry, who was Chandler Bing as one of the stars of Friends- the Sitcom that ran for 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004 - has his LA home up for sale for a cool $13.5 million.

The iconic Hollywood Hills mansion was originally built in 1962. Overlooking the Sunset Strip it features floor to ceiling Windows to admire the expansive city views.

Matthew Perry from Friends

Updated by Whipple Russell architects who said about the project "The challenge was to create indoor and outdoor living experiences that retained unobstructed views to the horizon line and sky. Our intent was to preserve the integrity of a mid-century classic while rejuvenating the structure with our contemporary uses of color, wood, light and water. The aim was calm elegance and functionality, married with touches of 21st century whimsy as seen in the choice of sculptured art. Water is fully integrated into the design, from the infinity pool, and reflecting ponds, to the wet-edge waterfall along the walkway to the theater. The only spaces not in the original footprint are the Master Bedroom, which floats out at the edge of the property, and the Home Theater that is tucked in beneath it sharing a wall and windows with the pool.

Matthew Perrys Outdoor Pad

It's all very swish but what we are really interested in, is the home cinema.

Matthew Perry Home Theatre
Home Theatre towards Rear

The Home Theatre sits underneath the house with 2 inch thick glass windows looking into the swimming pool, very cool.

It's had an update recently with a Wider screen and more modern furniture in the latest pictures but it's obvious Matthew really enjoys his Home Cinema.

Matthew Perry Home Theater