Day 1 at Integrated Systems Europe and something that's becoming apparent is that screens or displays are becoming more and more integrated into our backgrounds.  Something that would have wowed us had we seen it in the original Blade Runner is now available.

For example digital signage was prominent on many booths especially the Samsung Displays exhibit.  These LED displays are used in place of fixed signage and can be interactive, reprogrammed or change throughout the day or evening depending on whats going on in the area.  It didn't catch many peoples attention, and that's one of the things which surprise me - We are in an age where its just taken for granted that these digital, weatherproof signs are taken for granted.

Samsung Digital Signs OLED Display
Samsung Digital LED Signage

Also on exhibit all around the expo were huge colourful LED / OLED walls and partitions,  featuring rich full colours and seamless transitions.  Again many people didnt even stop to look but it's part of the landscape now.  From a home technology and audio visual standpoint it points to being close to having interactive full colour digital walls in our homes and offices to display data, art or things like kitchen walls showing recipes, lounges with walls that show our photo albums and even provide the light or ambience.

Digital Display - Huge Screen LED
Digital Screen Ambience and Mood
Display Technology High Def
Huge Display LED or Projection

Some of the signs and displays were pretty high resolution, perhaps not a good enough image to use in home cinema, but a media room or casual gaming environment would be fine.  I guess as the price of the technology comes down and gets better we can hope to see some of these types of displays start to be integrated into homes, offices, hospitals etc...