I'm here at ISE in Amsterdam Day 1 of the Exhibition, It's Huge and by that I mean I got totally lost a number of times and stumbled upon whole areas I didn't even know were there.  One thing that was very evident in the show is that architectural speakers, and by that I mean speakers that fit inside a niche or hole in your ceiling, in your wall or even in your furniture/woodwork are very popular.  These in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are perfect for home cinema and multi room audio applications.  The speakers remain hidden and no wires can be seen or cones to be popped or tweeters to be dented.

We use our Nuvo range of speakers in almost all of our installs they are a great way of adding extremely good sound to the majority of your home, distributed audio is still our number one seller, we use them with Sonos and Nuvo amplifiers.

We are also a big fan of Klipsch speakers, especially for very high end home cinema and that's why I was drawn to Klipschs booth at ISE.

Klipsch Custom Speaker Booth at ISE 2018
“We have been working diligently on a robust line up of speaker solutions that save integrators time and money, and provide their customers with the best sound experience”
— Rob Standley, Vice President and General Manager at Klipsch Group.

It was one of the larger (and coolest looking) booths from the speaker companies , dedicated to their custom range of speakers designed for professional installation by a residential integrator (posh words for an Audio Visual (AV) installer).  It was an impressive booth and showed their commitment to this segment of the market.

Klipsch Speakers on Display

The stand was also busy, It seems that many installers and end users are looking more and more for a built-in solution without the clutter of floorstanding or bookshelf speakers.  Building an audio system or theater room into a property is fast becoming one of the most requested upgrades and Klipsch have a rock solid reputation for good sounding, loud speakers (some may say a little brash but we like their high end range for cinema).

Klipsch have THX speakers in their range

It's great to see this level of dedication from a company with such heritage.  For me there's a slight bewilderment at the shear array of options and price points but they have to have it all covered and it probably will be the installer choosing or at least recommending the models and not the customer.

Klipsch Architectural Speakers

I look forward to using some of their new range in installs, it's not to everyones taste and not for every home theatre or media room we design in Thailand, but for some its a good fit and one of the better booths at ISE I thought.