This week saw us up at Chiang Mai near the Doi Saket Hot springs at the invitation of Miguel from Amayen Sanctuary.  This beautiful hotel resort is a wellness haven to contrast the modern world with all it's hustle and bustle.

They offer a variety of relaxation and transformative guided meditation and Yoga with delicious organic plant based food, traditional massage all thrown in with a splash of comfort.

Amayen Sanctuary - Healthy Meals.jpg

Miguel was looking to add some new age ambiance to the resort and asked us if we could come up with some ideas for non-obtrusive speakers and sound, so that music could be played throughout the resort without sounding like a Disco.

Amayen Sanctuary - Wooden RIce Barn Rooms.jpg

We offered a mix of Rock speakers and architectural in-ceiling speakers from Nuvo Technologies and Roth Oli Bookshelf Speakers.

Amayen Sanctuary - Library.jpg
Handover of Music System

The result is beautiful, serene music piped throughout the resort unobtrusively - Most guests would find it hard to pick out the speaker locations or even see the rock speakers.  The more they get weathered, rained on or muddy the less discernable they become, within 6 months you wont be able to tell whats rock and whats speaker.

Rock Speakers

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