My wife recently opened up a coffee shop in Chiang Mai and asked for my assistance in setting up a ridiculously easy to use system that she'd never have to touch or worry about.  


The answer was pretty obvious (to me).  She wanted something that sounded fantastic but that she wouldn't have to fiddle with. We coupled a Sonos Connect:Amp with a set of Roth Oli RA1 Stereo Bookshelf Speakers mounted directly to the walls.  These promised great sound and enabled us to use some of the Sonos cleverest features.

It had to be music but Incredibly simple was the main customer requirement - we solved this requirement by seting up a Sonos Alarm to come on every Mon-Fri at 8:00am for 9 Hours until she closes at 5:00pm.  Linked in to her Spotify account with a coffee shop playlist she can easily add and change music to her Spotify playlist from wherever she wants.

The music starts in the morning "as if by magic" and then stops just as she's closing up shop, I have a very happy customer (and wife) and her customers get to listen to a good selection of great sounding music.

Coffee Shop
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