The Consumer Electronic Show of 2018 otherwise known as CES 2018 has come to an end, CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association and is used by many companies as a launchpad for their new products.

The Wall 4k TV featuring HDR and massive 146"

This year saw another slew of Amazon Alexa and Google Home aligned products but it was also a really interesting year for TV.  Now that the manufacturers have stopped fiddling about with Gimmicky 3D and Curved sets they have got back on track with bringing us the thinnest, biggest and best looking TV's again.

Samsung's "The Wall" TV

OLED screens and QLD are indeed beautiful, however they are both expensive technologies to produce, especially in larger sizes.

Enter "The Wall" by Samsung, in it's current iteration it is a 146" TV featuring microleds which is a cost effective and more scaleable advanced version of LED that promises to look as good as OLED/Quantam Dot.  The screen is 4k High Definition with HDR and would look great in any size Home Cinema.

The Wall TV
The Wall 4kTV

It's bezel-less format means that in theory you can stack them vertically and horizontally - I guess to produce a wall of display, in your home. shop, business etc...  It's still really a concept but Samsung insist it will be on sale, no price released yet but it won't be cheap.